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The village schools entered a new journey

TTO - In March 2015, in the campus of the Reunification Palace (HCMC), a huge rubik block with four letters "STEM" appeared next to the tanks that have gone into history, in the exhibition " Education of Ho Chi Minh City - 40 years after liberation.
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The entered door of STEM education

According to the framework of the chain of events, on the occasion of Vietnam Science and Technology Association, on May 18th for the second time , on May 16th, at Hanoi University of Technology, The Tia Sang Magazine, Stem Community Network, S3 ...
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Thai Binh students are passionate about scientific innovation

    On the morning of April 24, at Nguyen Duc Canh Secondary School (Diem Dien town, Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province), the final contest "Thai Thuy Science and Technology Innovation" took place in a lively and excited way with the competition ...
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Thai Thuy promotes STEM education in schools

STEM education ( STEM) is closely linked to the industrial revolution 4.0. This is an educational model that has been implemented in European and American countries, bringing about positive results. For Thai Binh, STEM education has been included in ...
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Thai Thuy: Bringing industrial 4.0 revolution to school

Referring to the industrial revolution 4.0, many people think of national and international products. However, in Thai Thuy, this revolution is awakening the creative potential of many students even in their teens and children.
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STEM-Awaken village wisdom in the 4.0 era; STEM

      It is now 4.0, a great challenge for all mankind including Vietnam: If we know how to bring knowledge to the village school to awaken village wisdom, then the danger will turn into.